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June 10, 2010

New Poll of the Month

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The title explains it all.                                ———)

That is an arrow in case you didn’t know.

Wacky Flip8 rocks.

BTW, my pictures won’t work for some reason. That little MW2 sign I mean.


I am Back

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I cannot believe how longI haven’t posting, lol.

I still play MW2, but I forgot to post on this for two months. :/

So yeah… I am sorry for not posting.

I’ll try to post more regularly.

That is pretty much it for this post.

The AWESOME Wacky Flip8

April 6, 2010

Secret Estate Sniping Spot!

Hey soilders! This is one last post before I leave to my vacation (I will post to you there).

Follow these steps to get to a cool Estate sniping spot!

1. Go to the main Estate of the map “Estate”.

2. Go up the stairs and into that square with the railing bars.

3. Jump onto The moose head decoration.

4. Go onto the orange picture next to the moose head.

5. You will be on the edge of the orange painting, sniping the doorway.

Barely anybody knows about this secret, so have fun sniping now confused people. XD

The Totally Awesome Wacky Flip8

ALERT: Please Read!

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Viewers, if you are here, READ THIS POST!

I am going on vacation. I will bring images from google, but not handmade. I will still post from my laptop which I am bringing, so no worries.

I will also not be able to put that little Modern Warfare 2 sign at the bottom of my posts as usual. I will tell you when I come back.

Remember, I will keep posting to you from there!

-The totally awesome Wacky Flip8

April 5, 2010

Poll of the month!

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Hey soilders! As you can see, on the wodget sudebar, there is “Poll of the month” at the top.  That is the first poll of the month ever!

The next poll of the month will be made on May 1st, 2010.

Vote now!

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April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hey people! I am guessing you know what day it is…

Eas_er  (Hint: t)

LOL! Ok, now that it is easter… yeah i got nothing. :/



That is going in my belly! (By the way, it is now a world record XD)

The totally awesome Wacky Flip8

FREE Microsoft points!

Hey guys! Have you wanted the modern warfare 2 stimulus package free? And get free microsoft points? Then click here to visit the website that really gives you what you want in microsoft points!

Here is how it works:

  • 1. You click the link above.
  • 2. Send the link to other people.
  • 3. 5=1600, 10=2100, 15=4200, and 25=4200 and Xbox LIVE yearly gold membership.
  • 4. They will give you the code to points or membership.
  • 5. You are all set to buy your heart out!

Five easy steps! Have fun with your points (and the stimulus package)!

BTW (By the way), in my time, it is still april 3rd. I am guessing something is wrong with this clock or the wordpress creators and editors have a different time. *shrug*

-The totally awesome Wacky Flip8

April 3, 2010

Stimulus Package!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting lately… I couldn’t think of anything to post about.

Anyways… As you know, the Stimulus Package for the Xbox360 (coming soon to PS3 and PC) came out a few days ago. (3/30/10)

It is 1200 microsoft points and to get points, buy them at (1200 points is $15.00).
(Click here for free microsoft points!)

I bought it and it comes with five new maps!

Here is the trailer:

  • Bailout
  • Crash
  • Overgrown
  • Salvage
  • Storm

Bailout is like an apartment with nice sniping spots, a nearly drained pool, and an inside with lots and lots of rooms.

Crash is a place with a ruined and tattered and scrappy environment with a few building roofs to snipe on, a crashed plane, and places to camp.

Overgrown is a medium – large sized map where the whole map is almost all plants and dirt. There is not alot of sniping areas. Camping is good here.

Salvage is a small – medium sized map. It is alot like sub base and derail because it is snowy. There are lots of smashed up cars, a few sniping spots, and shortcuts to the enemy’s base.

Storm is a pretty big map. It is raining every second and has a few sniping spots. The buildings and lit dimly and purple, making it glum. There is flashes of  lighting, some camouflaging camping spots (If you have it, I would suggest Blue Tiger), and some secret hideouts to let your sentry or care package out.

So it is a good five maps and I would suggest getting it. You can use these maps on split screen, system link, on xboxlive click stimulus, or, on regular team deathmatch, if everyone has it, it will choose bonus maps. Remember, choose Stimulus to get DOUBLE XP! That is all I have to say about the  stimulus package. Oh and with my extra points after my stimulus, I got night vision goggles and a riot shield for my avatar, too! (Don’t know why but riot shield doesn’t pop up unless on my xbox 360 dashboard??)

The totally awesome Wacky Flip8

March 30, 2010

LIVE is back up!

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Hey guys!
For me, Xbox LIVE is up and running again!
OK bye, I am going to play a match now.
-The totally awesome Wacky Flip8


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Hello MW2 players!
Since this is the first day, I thought about having a contest.
Here is how to play:
Comment me a link of the best or funniest kill on video.
I will pick the best one and the winner will get their name and video on this blog for everyone to see.
This contest will end after 7 entries. Good luck and remember, no pressure.

-The totally awesome Wacky Flip8

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